You Make Me Want to Be a Better Person 👍

I am sitting here on the couch with Finny, drinking my two-point, home-brewed hot coffee, wishing it was 15-point iced Dunkin, and reading what the stats say some of you have been reading.

It’s not bad, when it’s focused. I think possibly the key may be to write fewer, more cohesive posts. Maybe a bit more planning is necessary before I just go ahead and put something out there. Maybe I don’t release just anything and everything into cyberspace.

You don’t need to know every up-to-the-minute detail about my life…do you? Do you really need to know when my neck is itchy? Or my stomach is growling?

I mean, you get it. My emotions are impacted every single month by my menstrual cycle. Enough, already!

Maybe I should start a list of topics I know I harp on so I can also recognize either what to avoid or figure out how to approach in a new way.

  • My youthful looks
  • My looks in general
  • Weight, food, lifestyle change
  • Self-image
  • Social awkwardness
  • Fashion/ clothing
  • Cleaning/ organizing
  • Work
  • People I don’t get along with

This is me, always trying to improve.

I do think there’s something to be said for that last one: people I don’t get along with. That I’m trying to improve many of those situations.

I didn’t like Marla at first, but she grew on me. And, although I don’t agree with everything he does, I’m trying to think of work and non-work-related things I can say to Aidan to get us talking again.

Also, I left sympathy cards on Mavis’ desk for Mavis and Nadine (fiancée). I’m hoping it’s not weird for either of them that I did that. Of course I need to remember that the gesture is about them; not me, and I hope it brings them both just a little bit of extra comfort to know that probably more people are thinking of them than they think.

I don’t expect anything to change between Mavis and me. I think she’s got her mind made up about me, alright. But I know I would appreciate knowing people cared about me even if I made them mad sometimes.

I’m gonna go put together some furniture, now. Have a fine morning, my friends. ❤️🤗

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