The Aidan Conundrum 👍

Okay, so I’ve come down pretty hard on this guy, right? I’m beginning to think there’s a possibility I’ve been a bit unfair.

He is following the route now, and hasn’t been so insistent on helping me regardless of whether I asked or needed it. It’s really only if I’m in his way.

So I’m feeling badly, like I should give him another chance.

Only we don’t talk anymore. There’s this huge awkward silence between us. How do I break the silence?

You might think: talk to him, duuuuh. Yeah, maybe.

It’s harder than you think when you’re socially awkward like me.

And, by the way, I have tried talking to him already. I showed him how to hitch Honda carts to the tugger. It went well in and of itself but didn’t ultimately change anything.

But I guess I should just do more things like that and keep doing them until work seems normal again, huh?

He’s a little weird, but I think he’s okay. He’ll probably come around. Usually, in my experience, it’s women who hold grudges.

David’s been great. Really nice guy. I wonder if he’s from Mass. He has the accent. Of course, I’m from Mass and I do not have the accent, so who knows?

He reminds me of my father for some reason. Not age-wise, obviously, but something about his face and his accent.

That’s all I’ve got for now about the night guys.

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