Inventory? 👍

Here’s a thought: what happens in July? Will I be doing inventory? I’m on second shift, now.

I actually don’t mind inventory. Especially now that my surgery is over with and I don’t have the carpal tunnel anymore. Historically I’ve been the one to write out the tickets. I know, it’s not a hard task, virtually anyone could do it. I just like to.

They will want people who’ve inventoried before, no doubt. Familiar with the process and whatnot. Familiar with Area B-1, which is North Station, which is pretty much my home away from home: the little area of the WH where I work.

It seems like Eddie would not want to lose me on that day. It’s always been Daniel and me in B-1. Now James is gone, too. Sherry B. goes to the stock room and Gavin will be with Angelo.

If not they’d have to rework the whole game plan.

There isn’t anyone to replace me.

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