Caf-Dodging 👍

I stayed out of the vendeteria. Here’s what I did instead: I took my lunch in the shipping office, and from the freezer I grabbed one of those 60% dark chocolate reconstituted Lindt balls I keep forgetting to give Evan.

I’m glad I opened one before giving any of them away. Apparently, beautiful spherical dark chocolate truffles don’t reshape themselves back into beautiful spherical dark chocolate truffles after they’ve melted a little on a hot day.

Why this didn’t occur to me a long, long time ago, I will never know.

So, okay, it’s 5 points vs. 23, and it saved me some limping, but, and I’m sorry, Evan, king-size Kit Kats are way better than frozen reconstituted 60% dark chocolate Lindt balls.

I just went back in the freezer to get another botched truffle so I could take a picture? Guess what? It was perfect. Must be karma.

Did someone say caramel?

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