Solo Me-o đź‘Ť

Alone again. Hey, it could be worse.

This kid on first shift production, let’s call him Roderigo, has been very obviously checking me out over the last several…whatever: days, weeks, I dunno. He always says hi to me and thanks me for boxes.

He looks like he might be the kind of dude who checks out lots of girls.


These boys clearly don’t realize I’m older than dirt.

He can’t possibly be more than 28.

I just think it’s crazy.

Am I the Paul Rudd of the Hutch? He’s 50 and looks 30.

I’m not complaining.

I think it must be more obvious if you get up close…right? Maybe not, though…

I do have a dermatologist. Maybe that gives me an edge. I stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen.

I used to hate looking young. When I was 23 and got carded at the movies I got so offended. Now I get mad when they don’t ID me.

I guess I should just love it while it lasts.

I didn’t mean to make this whole post another repeat. Sorry about that. Now I have to go. See you. ❤️

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