All Alone By Myself 👍

There’s no one in here but me and some dumb blurry girl (blurry because remember I don’t wear glasses anymore to read my phone. Dumb because I’m just kidding, I don’t even know who she is). Nope, even she left me.

Evan was here buying food, so I thought he was staying, but he went out the door, which bums me out, because our breaks hardly ever coincide and that’s the only time I really get to talk to him.

He might’ve been at the end of his break. He comes to work earlier than me.

Ah, well. So I can write this post, since I haven’t written anything today. But I will definitely give him the business if I see him later for leaving me lonely and sadly alone.

I know how that sounds. But I didn’t want to say “give him sh—.” I guess I might as well have, though, huh?

I forget what I named the guy who tattled on me to Eddie about the tugger (remember him?). Let’s just call him Ben Dover. Anyway, Ben asked me to get him a pallet jack. Fine. He had no hat and we were right there, so, whatever.

A few minutes later, I was down the middle aisle, hooking up carts to the tugger. I look up and he’s standing there, waiting for me to move the carts aside so he can pass through. Like a foreign dignitary or something. I swear, if this kid’s ego was any bigger, it’d take up the whole building!

Aidan continues to force help on me when I clearly say, “I’m fine,” or “All set.” What is his problem?

Got to go. See you later 😘

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