Happy Mother’s Day 👍

The kids are being silly and inappropriate and they’re wound like springs. It’s nice that they’re getting along, but it’s a fragile situation in which anything could happen.

I got home at around 9 last night. Saturday nights aren’t bad. I have time to breathe. I can do things at a non-frantic pace.

I feel like I could fall back asleep. I can’t write to save my life, either. It’s because I forgot my meds. I can’t focus. I slept through my reminder. Now Shane’s on my lap. I hate to disturb him. Oh well, sorry, Shane.

My plantar fasciitis exercises are funny. One of them is I have to put marbles in a cup with my toes.

The only ones I’ve done so far are the calf stretch and rolling a frozen bottle around with my foot. So far I feel the exact same.

I think I might have been confused about Cortisone shots. It doesn’t look like they cause weight gain; Prednisone does that. So if the exercises don’t work, that might be something to try.

I’ve got to stop buying cereal and find a lower calorie, water-dense alternative for my late night snack.

Fruit, you might think. Yes, that would be the most obvious solution. So why do I completely ignore it when I get home?

I have to make it somehow more appealing. Easier. Chunked watermelon. Pitted cherries. Mmmmm, cherries. Grapes?

I think I need to make a trip to the grocery store.

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