Work Schmirk 👍

It’s not so busy right now. David said if it’s slow I can leave early.

He has a dozen roses in the shipping office for his woman friend. They’re pretty. He seems like a really good guy.

He smokes, though.

I hung out with Nina mostly until she went home. She’s cool.

She smokes, too, though.

A lot of people here smoke. You’d think I would’ve picked it back up again. Nope. I can’t. It makes me totally sick to my stomach.

But I do still like the smell. Is that weird?

That guy who passed, I saw his fiancée leaving the other night. She waved. I said have a good night.

I feel badly. I hardly know her and we didn’t really get along before, but I haven’t said anything to her or to his mother. His mother really doesn’t like me, so I’m kind of afraid of what she’d say to me if I did offer my condolences.

It’s stupid and selfish, I know. I’m making it about me when it should be about them.

I could leave cards on the desk!! Maybe I’ll do that.

They’re neither of them people I’d choose to hang around with. Translation: they don’t like me and I know it. But my heart is still broken for both.

I don’t know what it’s like to lose a child or a fiancée, but when I saw that little woman back at work for the first time after it happened, I just wanted to cry.

This post has become sad and now I’m teary. Guess what day it is!

It happens without fail.

Without fail.

Talk later. ❤️♥️💜

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