Moonlighting 👍

Honda’s shutting down at 8:00.

So am I.

It’s been a nice, quiet night. No hurry, no yelling, no sweat.

I think I’ve figured out why my hands are so dry. It’s because I stopped drinking water. Because it’s May, they shouldn’t still be this dry. It’s a combo of no water and sweat meds.

I was doing really well with water a month ago, then I kind of just stopped. I started back up tonight. We’ll see what happens.

Evan just seemed concerned when I told him I used all the best moisturizers and still had really dry, cracked skin. He said something about this guy he knew with an underlying condition and said I should see my doctor.

So it got me thinking about it, because I said, no I can’t go to the doctor because they’ll say I’m dehydrated and take me off my sweat meds.

They are bad, though. I didn’t show him.

I’m not gonna show you, either. It’s not pretty.

David went to one of the safety committee meetings. He said it was a huge waste of time. Just them joking around, mostly. I thought the joking sounded weird, but the waste of time, not so much.

Honestly, any concerns I ever raised somehow never made it into the following month’s notes.

Just like focus group.

It’s almost like I never existed.

Wait a minute…do I exist?

Okay, I just pinched myself, and it hurt. So I definitely do exist.

Okay, enough of this foolishness. I have stripping to do. Of labels. On boxes. Oh, stop it.

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