Wicked Wednesday 👎

I am losing weight, now. I’m definitely eating less than I was. Not perfect, but better.

Lately I’ve been getting up with the kids, but I’ve been too tired to do much. I make Desmond’s breakfast, then pretty much fall back asleep on the couch until it’s time to kiss them goodbye.

So, yeah, not good for much in the AM, anymore.

It’s because I go to bed late and get up at night. I’ve got to find a way out of that, for sleep alone. Melatonin? I hate to be on yet another pill!

They don’t need a lot of help in the morning. Aislyn only needs help staying on track, I think, but she’s got this learned helplessness thing going on right now, too, where she’ll try to con me into doing things for her that she can do herself.

She gets derailed and runs behind. She’s sometimes almost missed the bus. I wonder if she’s got some of my ADHD? It hasn’t come up in school at all, though. Sometimes it is missed in girls.

I don’t think they test in NH for ADHD until kids are older than she is. It might be worth it to check into.

Maybe I should make her a picture schedule. I see that helping for a day or two before she’d revert back to futzing around.

It’s just that right now I feel like we’re not really doing anything to help her. Calling “get dressed” repeatedly from down the hall isn’t actually helping.

I’ve gone down in her room with her before, but that seems to take no less time, somehow.

I was a special education teacher. You’d think I’d have some idea of what to do, here. I don’t.

I guess I’m just not sure whether it’s behavioral or if it’s related to a disability.

You might think: sticker chart. Let me tell you something about sticker charts, my friends: they do not ultimately work. Maybe for a day. A week if you’re lucky. Engaging in the behavior always ends up being more appealing than those little stickers, I don’t care what you say.

I did not mean for this post to become so long.

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