Break I Couldn’t Take 👍

Gavin goes on lunch at 3:30, so I couldn’t take my usual first break, which is usually somewhere between 3:45 and…well, 3:45, I guess.

Gavin took a 50-minute 30-minute lunch, but who’s judging? Not me. I can’t!

So I’m on break now.

There are popcorn and ice cream because it’s World Safety Day. What popcorn and ice cream have to do with safety, I don’t know. But again, who’s judging? I may or may not have ice cream later.

I am actually down today. Weight-wise.

Aidan seems over being mad at me, I guess. I’m not over finding him irritating, though. Just saying.

I’m going to go, now. I’m going to take a legit 15. Partly because it’s near 5:00. Partly because I’m hoping the universe will cut me a break today. See you soon. ☺️

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