Silly Hat Hair 👍

Facebook didn’t show my picture to the kids today for some reason. I told them it was okay because I had very silly hat hair.

It’s really not that silly, though. My bangs dry fast.

I didn’t bother with the cafeteria this evening. I’m in the shipping office, where it’s air conditioned.

I told Eddie about Aidan not following the tugger routes. Eddie walked him around the floor and showed him the route. I think Aidan knows it was me who said something, because he’s not boisterous and friendly with me this evening.

He’s also supposed to be working out of this warehouse; not Southie, but I didn’t say anything about that, because honestly, I don’t mind being alone, given the choice.

I find him annoying. Is that mean?

It’s true, though.

I’m just being real with you.

Two more hours. It’s only just started to slow down.

Goodnight, my fine readers. 😊😘

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