I Don’t Think We’re in College Anymore 👍

The lady sitting next to me in the waiting room hums randomly, just like I do at work when I’m nervous.

I’m putting all my money on plantar fasciitis, but I will let you know.

Apparently obesity can cause it. “At least you can work on that,” says my dad.

No, Dad, I think. You’re supposed to say, “Don’t be ridiculous, Leah, you’re not obese.”

I don’t want to say where I’m at. Let’s just say I’m not at my college weight.

My dad is a toothpick these days. But he’s a healthy toothpick. He just exercises.

My job is extremely active; I just eat like a horse.

If I could get the eating under control even just a little bit better, I think I’d start to progress.

Baby steps.

Doing the best I can right now.

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