Absolutely I Will 👍

Must be a meeting just got out. Both HR reps and the head of quality all came in at once and quickly left.

I had a career-related question for Evan, actually, but I don’t think he’s here.

I don’t remember the question, anyway.

I’m terrible. The last time we talked he asked me if I remembered what we had talked about before, and I really didn’t. When he reminded me, I remembered, but if he hadn’t jogged my memory, I don’t know if it would’ve come back to me.

It’s not that I don’t listen. I do. It’s just that we cover a lot in one sitting.

I don’t think we’re ever in here for just 15 minutes.

Yup, he was a teacher, alright. For just about exactly as long as I was.

I will often remember lots of other details people tell me, though, even if I forget certain things, such as that he was a teacher for 20 or so years. I still remember really random old details, too, like Mark Marden’s birthday from elementary school: March 25.

Not just because these things are similar to me. I remember other things, too.

I picked up stuff with the forklift today. Nina helped me. She really is a good teacher, and could be an ally.

Maybe she will ask me about forming an alliance. You know what I’ll say: absolutely I will.

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