Not a Good Time to Talk đź‘Ť

I shouldn’t even try before my meds work their magic. We know this. Why do I nevertheless persist?

Even though Eddie said I probably wouldn’t have to work most weekends on second shift, I’m afraid I might be tacitly expected to do my share of them. I don’t know, but he did ask me if I was planning on coming in this weekend, although I’m not on the schedule and I did last Saturday.

“Uh, I wasn’t planning on it,” I said.

Plus, I’ve got this foot thing going on now. Jeez, if it’s not my hands, it’s my feet, if it’s not my feet, it’s my colon. It’s always something in your forties, isn’t it.

The kids are up before me, now. But not much before. No more early morning alone time for Mama. It’s okay. I’m happy to see them.

There are far fewer of us on second shift, just three: Aidan, David, and myself. On first shift are Daniel, Gavin, Angelo, Downstairs Evan, Nate, Nina, Finn, Sherry B and Marta (the last two are left out of the weekend rotation, though). Downstairs Evan is in the rotation but he doesn’t come in.

So with only three of us, I guess it makes sense that I should sometimes go in. I feel like he said about once a month, which is close to what I did on first shift. But I guess I could do more sometimes…ugh.

At least it’s good money. Time and a half. Only I don’t know, where I’m not hitting 40 hours because of Wednesday, if I actually am getting time and a half. Probably not, right?

I wonder if I should try to make up those four hours I miss Wednesday by going in earlier other days? That could help smooth the transition between shifts, too, because I understand the needs of both shifts and behaviors of both sets of employees.

First shift, for example, relies heavily on ShopVue. They base their work pretty much solely on responding to requests on the screen.

Second shift depends much less on ShopVue because the operators don’t use it (don’t speak much English) and anticipates needs by going out and seeing what needs restocking.

Because first shift only responds to ShopVue requests, boxes and other materials are often in need of restocking by the time second shift rolls in, setting second shift back before they even walk in the door.

I could be the bridge between shifts. If I went in maybe an hour early. Then I’d get my 40 hours. Everybody wins.

Gotta go make breakfast.

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