Down One 👎

Down a pound from last week. A little surprised, given I ate another mega box of cereal and three king size anger Kit Kats this week, but hey, I’m not complaining.

They weren’t all anger Kit Kats; only one of them was. It’s just fun to say.

I rewarded myself with non-food items.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have anything cerebral or deep today, either.

It’s not that I’m superficial. Like most reasonably intelligent people, I’m extremely complex. I care about things. People.

There are many things I’d rather not discuss, and some I just plain can’t.

I can tell you all of the reasons why I didn’t call my aunt back last night.

  • I was working.
  • I didn’t want to talk about my weight.
  • It was Friday night, which means she had probably been drinking prior to calling me.

I can tell she’s been drinking because of that and because she slurs, calls me by my cousin’s name, and badmouths my father. To me.

Aidan told me I was really quiet last night. I can tell you why that was:

  • I was deep in thought, as I often am.
  • I’m annoyed with him for choosing to ignore the tugger routes (and my advice to follow them).

You might be thinking: Is there anyone this woman is happy with, right now?

Sure. My kids are getting along fabulously at the moment. They send me the sweetest videos while I’m at work. David’s been helpful without overdoing it. Like Evan, Rick, James, and Daniel were.

As in, they’re aware that I can do a lot of things on my own, but offer help when needed.

Derek has always been good at making me laugh. No less so, lately. He’s also been very supportive of my schedule change.

Eddie seems pleased with my work. I miss Sherry B. I’m getting to know Gavin a bit better. He’s talking to me more than he used to when he was in receiving.

Evan gives good counsel. And, I don’t know how but he’s goddamned always right.

So, yeah, it might sound like I’m whining a little about a couple of people, and maybe I am. But actually, I’m pretty impressed with most everyone.

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