Disappointing Post 👍

I’m afraid I don’t have anything really meaningful to say right now. Nothing profound.

I’ve resisted just spouting off mindless drivel. Which means I’m not posting as frequently.

Which maybe isn’t the worst thing.

I mean, if I’m saying nothing, what’s the sense? I’m only wasting everyone’s time.

My kids are surprisingly okay with me being on second shift. They look forward to seeing me in the morning, and to Face Timing at night on my lunch break.

Desmond actually wants me to stay on second shift come September, because then I can stay home with Aislyn while Derek takes him to the bus. Middle school starts earlier. Then we’re not all waiting on Aislyn to get ready, as she’s known to dilly dally. She can sleep until she has to get ready for school.

Here’s the thing: I’m not as tired as I was on first shift. Not nearly. I get about the same amount of sleep, I think. But I feel far more alert much more of the time, now.

All I can think is it must have something to do with timing and meds. And possibly circadian rhythm.

But, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Sales could come back up. I could still get promoted. That dude upstairs is supposedly retiring. Other things.

So I don’t know.

I’m not sure if I’m going to urgent care for my foot or if I’m just going to wait and go to my appointment Monday. At this point, I may just wait. I have stuff to do. Who knows how long I could be waiting in urgent care? Also, might urgent care be a COVID hotspot?

It’s only one more day. I can get through it.

Enjoy your morning. See you soon. 🙂☺️

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