Chicken Salad 👍

There was one Cape Cod chicken salad sandwich left, so I grabbed it. I really just had a hankering for sweet and savory at the same time. So I’m sitting in my little corner, eating my sandwich all by myself and laughing about it.

No, not really. But the chicken salad sandwich here reminds me of Evan, now, because one day he was looking for a sandwich and I recommended this one and he talked about how much he couldn’t stand mixing sweet and savory foods together.

Now I’m picturing chasing him around with a big chocolate covered pretzel (Hershey chocolate; not Lindt) at the end of a stick like a toasted marshmallow and I really am sitting here laughing all by myself.

Nah, but…yeah.

Derek and I are watching this show Community that aired…errr, I’m not sure when, but it was on around the same time as The Office, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock. It’s quite funny. I really like the guy with Asperger Syndrome.

It’s no Parks and Rec, but it’s cute.

Must go now. Have a good night. 😘

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