Because My Body Won’t Cut Me a Break 👎

Plantar fasciitis. That is what I think is going on in my foot. I don’t know for sure, because I haven’t been to express care, yet. But after some preliminary research and speaking with one of the nurses on Dr. Cashman’s medical team, that is what it seems like to me.

I’m not one to self-diagnose… no, that’s a lie. I do it all the time. Full disclosure: I’m usually totally wrong. I thought my carpal tunnel was type II diabetes and at the height of the pandemic I was absolutely certain I was going to die.

It was very morbid of me, I understand that. I think it had more to do with sinking into depression due to quarantine than anything else. Unfortunately, I also gained back the weight I had lost at that time.

As horrible as it was and is, one inadvertent outcome COVID did have on me personally was that it changed my outlook about growing old. I used to always complain, “I never want to get old.” Now I’m more than happy to age.

Must go for now.

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