Shenanigans! 👍

I went to bed at 9, so I’m up at 5.

We got the laundry all done yesterday. The only thing we didn’t do was put it away.

My plan today is to do my returns.

My stomach is wonky. I might lay back down for a while after my coffee.

It was nice to be up with the kids last night, I have to say. I was able to give Aislyn a bath, and generally do the motherly things…although she loudly protested through the entire bath.

“Don’t you want to be clean for school?”


Derek says she is putting on a show for me, that she doesn’t normally act that way.

It’s the same thing with brushing her hair and wiping her face.

You hear about kids acting out only with their mother. I wonder why that is.

We took them to Pizza Hut last night. They did ….okay. They’re kids, we can’t expect them to be perfect little angels 100% of the time. How boring would that be?

So they were turned around in their seats. Little kids do that. At least they weren’t out of their seats.

Desmond has a friend who can’t stay seated for five minutes before he’s up and wandering, and I don’t even think that’s him misbehaving. I think he just has ADHD.

Anyway, they didn’t seem to be bothering anyone around us, at the restaurant. Actually no one around us ever seems bothered by them.

I think they are just kids being kids most of the time.

Desmond has difficulty waiting for his food, so a salad bar is very helpful because A.) it’s healthy and B.) it’s automatic food.

Games and activity pages also come in handy. But with games, sometimes he wants to be in charge of the game or go first and this can cause friction with his sister.

He is very Type A personality. Gee, I wonder where he gets this from…🙄

Desmond does awesome eating vegetables. I need to buy more fresh vegetables, because I forget, but he will eat them, and that will help his system tremendously. And maybe Aislyn will eventually follow suit. She doesn’t eat much of anything, though she has gotten better now that she’s eating school lunch.

Anyway, this post has gotten long and rambling. I’m going to go now. Have a marvelous Monday, my friends, drive safely, and thanks for reading. 👍❤️

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