So Much to Do 👍

With the kids going back to school, I should have time to do some things during the day that normally I run out of time for:

  • Whittle Desmond’s drawers way down so his dresser’s not throwing up clothes like it is now. So it’s functional again. Done
  • Clean Aislyn’s room so it’s functional again. Done
  • Do the laundry all the way. Done
  • Clean out the fridge.
  • Clean out the freezer.
  • Organize the pantry.
  • Return those clothes.
  • Drop off my car for body work. Done

Being that today is my last day for the week that I’m going to see much of the kids, I’m probably not going to do a lot of it today. Maybe only things that the kids could do with me, like cleaning out the dresser and room straightening.

A lady at work lost her son in an accident yesterday. I don’t want to say who. I imagine a card will go around. But I can’t help feeling like I should do something. Send something?

I don’t care who you are. You should never have to bury your child. I can’t even imagine that kind of pain.

The guy who hits on me (and everyone else) told me last night. He came into the WH, and of course I was alone, so I was immediately in a fight-or-flight situation.

“I need to tell you something,” he says.

What?” I growl.

“I’m not trying to bother you, Miss,” he says defensively. “I have to tell you something.”

“What, then?”

Then he tells me.

“Oh…okay, thanks,” I say.

Not for nuthin, but what does he expect?

Aislyn is literally all over me, so I’m going to go and pay her some attention.

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