My Car 👍

We dropped off my car at the body shop and went to Pizza Hut. I had more cake today. It was a biiiig cake, and the kids didn’t eat that much of it, unfortunately.

But I only had a salad and one piece of pizza at Pizza Hut.

I thought I would gorge there, but I really didn’t.

I ordered some bathing suits from Amazon. One of them is cute. The other was too big, and I slid right out of it as soon as I bent forward.

So I guess I won’t be wearing that one to the beach this summer. 😳

I want to take the kids to the beach at least once this year. I don’t think Aislyn’s ever been in the summertime. My mother and her whole side of the family were total beach bums, so we practically lived at the beach over the summer.

Desmond asked if we’d have to be there all day. I said no. We would have to get there early, though, to get a space. I’d take them to Long Sands; not Hampton.

I can’t spend the whole day at the beach anymore. Not in the summer. I’m too fair skinned, I get exhausted after a few hours. I go home and have to sleep off the beach like a hangover.

Time to fold laundry.

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