Moving Forward 👍

I might start a new blog, in addition to this one. Desmond is very excited. He’s making a chart to list ideas for blog titles. Everyone can contribute. I will choose my favorite.

Tell me he’s not my kid.

If I do, I’ll tell you where to find it if you’re interested. If not, that’s fine, too. I know a write a lot.

I may use it for a different purpose, so it would maybe not be like this one.

I’m thinking Google or SquareSpace. Partly, I want some experience using other platforms.

HubSpot experience would be awesome, but I don’t think just anyone can use HubSpot. I think you have to work for a place that has it.

Evan is right. I’m writing this blog, but I’m not moving forward with my writing career. Nobody is paying me to do this, nor should they, as it’s kind of all over the place and personal.

I should spend some of this time on viable projects. I know that’s what he’d say. Or something like that.

I have to go make breakfast for the kids. Talk later. ♥️😊

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