Cereal is a No-No 👍

I thought because my sweat meds were making my throat so dry that cereal would be a good snack.


I thought it would be better than ice cream.


I thought, “I can manage it this time.”


I’ve pretty much eaten a whole family-sized box of Special K Red Berries in one day by myself.

I have had it as several meals, too.

Still, I should know by now, I can’t do the red berries. I’m up almost 2 pounds from yesterday.

I did also have cake, though, which is a lot of points.

A good thing: I fell asleep faster last night. I think I only got up once. Maybe it’s simply a matter of adjustment.

I’m getting there.

Funny thing: we cleaned part of Aislyn’s room and then I told her we needed to put away her books that were on the floor.

She says, “But Mamaaaaaa, I only wanted to clean half my room.”

I pretended to look incredulous at her: “Whaaaaaat?! Why would you do that?! You don’t clean half a room. I couldn’t sleep at night if I did that!”

She laughed.

“You know it’s true,” I said.

Mama’s head would explode in a half clean room.

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