Up Again 👍

+0.4 from last Saturday. I’m not surprised, nor am I overly upset about it.

Don’t forget, my friends, I was on vacation at the beginning of the week, pounding empty calorie sugary soda, feasting on lobster ravioli and barbecue chicken flatbread. Mmmmm, that sounds good right now, doesn’t it?

But the bottom line is I’m okay with where I’m at this week. I’m not way up like I was right after vay-cay, so I’m thankful for that.

I was talking to Evan the other day about ways to make more money. He mentioned side hustle, though it might be hard for me, as I’m a mom. I asked him like what and funnily enough, he said blogging.

He doesn’t know about this blog, as far as I’m aware.

I didn’t tell him I used to be a content writer, and how lucrative it wasn’t.

He might not be wrong, though. If I could find the right gig. Cucumber was a content mill, I think.

My LinkedIn and Indeed are up to date, but I only ever get solicited by people looking for material handlers, which is what I already do.

That’s a lie. Sometimes I get the random remote copywriter.

I should just stop making excuses and write my book. It’s not gonna write itself. It needs me. It misses me. I should eat my dinner with it.

It wants my attention.

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