Don’t Forget 👍

Hoping my foot will cooperate tonight. I limped my way through the end of last night.

Retirement party today for the guy I work with who’s been there 51 years. I didn’t sign a card or anything. I’m glad they’re doing something, though. I get nervous about stuff like that.

We have a meeting, also, right before the party. I guess I won’t forget, since I have to be there at 1:30, anyway.

Sometimes it helps me to write stuff down. Then I can remember it better. I set alarms for absolutely everything, too.

I have to get cards and wrap presents tonight. Because I forgot to do those things today. Don’t worry, though, I do have presents. And they are awesome.

Alright, friends. For many of you, your day is half over. But mine has just begun. Have a great afternoon. Talk later. Thanks for reading. ❤️

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