Face Time 👍

I can tell the dudes sitting at the table next to me don’t appreciate my Face Time calls.

I don’t like how my new work glasses look. I don’t like how they feel. I don’t like anything about them.

I’m not trying to be antisocial, but this woman keeps trying to talk to me and I’m trying to write this post.

I wonder what time Evan eats. No offense, lady, but I’d much rather be talking to him. Okay, she’s on her phone, now.

Yes, I can be resistant to new people. I have my people and I like my people. Evan is my people. This lady is not my people. In fact she is mildly annoying.

David mistook me for younger than his daughter, who is 30. I think this might be a personal best for me. He is 50.

Evan is 50. He doesn’t look it, though. For a while I actually thought he was like 42, and that’s because I thought he was closer to my age than he actually is. But we’re still relatively close in age.

I’m out of time.

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