Slow on the Uptake 👍

It’s going to take me some time to get used to this new situation. Plus, my stomach has been wrong for about a week, now.

First night of my plan didn’t go off so well. Because every time I got up—and I got up a lot—I ate food.

Look at me, though, I’m not being self-critical. I’m being self-compassionate: it’s going to take me some time, I said. I didn’t say what I would’ve said in the past: aw, man, I messed up again.

See? I’m learning. People can grow. Maybe I am progressing with this whole neuroplasticity activity.

So there must be something else I can do besides eat, when I can’t sleep or lie still. Blog? Maybe. But I’m kind of wiped at that point, and I think anything I write would be, you know…poop.

Who cares, though? Maybe I just free write. Whatever is on my mind. Like an actual journal. I don’t have to share it with anyone.

If I can get up and eat, it stands to reason I can get up and write. I think the most important part when you can’t sleep is to get up after 20 minutes.

I don’t last 2 minutes with my restlessness. I have to get up immediately.

I forgot my afternoon Adderall yesterday. You’d think I would’ve been exhausted. I felt like I was.

Sleep wasn’t always this complicated for me. This is relatively new.

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