Psych! 👍

I ended up not going until 7:30, which is better, really, because when I’m done it’ll be 8:00, and I’ll only have two hours left.

It’s been an okay day. Dumb Guy has left me alone. So far. But he’s been known to rally big time at the slightest whiff of encouragement from me, so I’m going to have to use constant vigilance this time.

What I mean is, I cannot be remotely pleasant to this guy at any point in any way, because he will take it wrong and start trying to flirt with me again.

It’s called intermittent reinforcement. And, believe me, I will not make that mistake with him a second time.

The new guy, Aidan, seems really nice. He for some reason reminds me of my brother, Erik. He drives here from Lowell.

I saw Evan a couple of times, but not quickly enough to say anything. I’ll see a flash of him and then, just as suddenly, he’s disappeared deep into extruding.

We talked a long time yesterday, though.

I’m so glad I came here. Yeah, there’s some weirdos, but over all, I’m really happy.

I just hope something opens up for me.

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