Liquid Calories 👍

I still wake up at like quarter past five. I did go to bed before nine, though. But I don’t think I fell asleep until after 10.

I’m up on the scale, as well. All those empty soda calories. Liquid calories.

It was kind of nice to get away for a couple of days, but I’m glad to be home to get my plan under way.

They don’t run as many vehicles on second shift, so it might not be as busy. On the other hand, there are also fewer of us working.

I met the new guy at the very end of last week. He was with Eddie, so I didn’t get a sense of him, really. He wears a chunky gold bracelet. That’s kind of all I know about him.

Desmond is up now. So I’m glad I’m up. I think he’s bummed out that we’re not still at the hotel. He’s a lot like Derek in a lot of ways. That, his very black and white-ness, his logical mind, sense of humor.

Aislyn is a lot like me in a lot of ways: her hypersensitivity, intuition, empathy.

Aislyn is a lot like none of us in some ways. She’s the jumpy little puppy in a family of cats. She’s so outgoing and friendly. She’s such a happy little child. I hope nothing ever takes that away from her.

The kids are on school vacation, so this week won’t be as hard. Next week is the one that will be tricky.

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