First Night 👍

So far it’s been okay. Less eventful because less is running. There are fewer people.

I did have a nice long chat with Evan in the cafeteria, though. That helped a lot. I didn’t mean to spend that much time in here, but he’s very engaging.

That little dude who hits on me is totally at it again, though. He shook my hand today. I made a face at him but I did it. Why did I do it? Dumb.

Then later he apologized for startling me by shaking my hand. That’s fine, I said. Just leave me alone, I thought to myself.

Does he think he’s going to wear me down or something?




Maybe I should have one of the guys tell him to cut it out.

Really, I should tell him to cut it out. Why can’t I? I have every right not to be pursued by this idiot.

I have to go. Too bad about Dumb Guy, but it was was nice to talk to Evan again.

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