Sunday Morning or, I Did It! 👍

I stayed awake until 10:00. I was shooting for 11, but given that it was my first night staying up, and given that I normally don’t make it to 6 pm, I think 10:00 is pretty darn good.

I aimed for 11 because I figure I will get done at work at 10, be home by 10:30, and not be in bed until at least 11.

It’s probably really going to be more like midnight, though, isn’t it, that I’ll be going to bed. Am I really hopping straight into bed as soon as I get in the door? Doubtful.

This might be a thing I can’t plan. I may just have to see how it plays out.

I tried to get up without waking anyone. Alas, I was unsuccessful. Des and Ais are over there on Sus (that is the name we have given the dirt cheap ASUS laptop I bought with my overtime money that works better than the thousand dollar POS Dell that shuts down every ten minutes).

But they are being quiet and getting along. Who could ask for more at 6:08 a.m. on a rainy Sunday in Almost Vermont?

I didn’t sleep well, tangled all up in Aislyn’s little arms and legs. At home she sleeps on a distinct side of her bed, but away, she sleeps right on top of you. Still, I am strangely alert right now. I haven’t even taken my meds, yet.

I’m afraid I did not ultimately do a very good job helping the children pack. Aislyn has several shirts but only the pants she came up in. This can only mean one thing: a trip to the clearance rack at TJ Maxx across the street.

There are many comfortable seating options in the room they selected for us. However, Desmond prefers the wall unit.

This post is getting long, so I’m going to go for now, but I will certainly be back later for more fun and adventures in the rollicking life of Leah.

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