Dum-Dums 👍

Breakfast was buffet, which was great, because the kids have difficulty waiting for food, particularly Desmond. The eggs were good. I didn’t mean to, but I ate heartily.

This guy walked by us, said Aislyn had the best laugh. I know, I said, I’d make it a ringtone if I could.

I’ve drunk so much regular coke (as in coke with sugar) on this trip. If Evan knew about this I’d be in big, big trouble. He has this thing about sugary soda. Of course he’s right, it’s not good for you, and neither, for that matter, is diet.

Good thing he has no idea.

The fourth graders had Earth Day activities last Friday and I guess on the whole it did not go well. Many kids misbehaved and while most were easily redirected, some had water ballon fights with the rubber gloves in the boy’s room, and some spoke to their teachers like they were talking to their friends.

There were a few kids who did awesome and demonstrated great leadership. They got Dum-Dum lollipops.

Guess which group my kid was in.

What else? The Dum-Dums.

His friends got Dum-Dums, too, I think.

I’m so proud of Desmond. For Earth Day and everyday.

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