Got to Get This Off My Chest 👍

We’ve arrived. And to prove it, we’re here.

That’s not me. That’s Python.

Sorry, correction. That’s Eric Idle.

I went to half of my WW workshop. I’m up, but only 0.4. For breakfast I had a Belgian waffle. Later, I had a frozen coffee beverage from Books-a-Million.

I’ve had 4 coffees today, trying to stay awake and transition to a normal sleep schedule. That was a mistake. I’m totally sick to my stomach.

The kids want to go swimming. I don’t want to go swimming. I feel like junk!

I put on my bathing suit because my bra was itching me so badly. It is last year’s suit. I was about 30 pounds lighter. It still fits okay, I think it looks okay, it’s a very flattering style.

It doesn’t really matter. I don’t know anyone up here.

It’s just that I feel like I’m spilling out the top of it. 😳

It’s all I have. I hate trying on bathing suits. Hate it. This one I ordered and fortunately it fit.

And fortunately it still fits. Somehow. Even 30 pounds later.

I meant to buy a second one. I just…hate them. You know?

We have really noisy neighbors again this year, who will very likely come in cussing and stumbling down the hall at midnight while we’re trying to sleep.

They are middle-aged, white, most likely Bostonian men who were loudly pretending in the lobby to be Jamaican in front of the black woman at the front desk and in front of my young, impressionable children who we’re trying to teach the difference between funny and racist.

“Hear that, Desmond?” I said. “That’s racist.”

Anyway, it’s pool time, but I’m sure I’ll be back later because I’m trying to stay up. ❤️

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