Naked Face 👍

Lunch in car. I forgot to change my glasses, so now I’m choosing between old prescription sunglasses that are too big for my face, my work glasses, or no glasses.

I’m going with nothing, even though Aislyn says I look “creepy” without glasses. It’s just easier to see the screen. Hard to look up into the sun, though, ouch!

This is nice, though. I don’t have to be distracted by other peoples’ conversations, I can listen to some tunes.

‘Course, I won’t be eating lunch next time I’m here. I’ll be eating dinner. Which will probably also be eggs. I don’t know if I’ll want to eat dinner alone.

But who will I eat with? ☹️

Maybe Evan will if I ask with really big, sad eyes.

What? That’s not manipulative! It’s, it’s…strategic.

No, I don’t know.

Mia and her Asian friend eat together everyday, the Spanish ladies eat together. Why not? He must have a similar time of day he eats.

I’ll just ask him. Even if we’re just in there at the same time, I bet that’d help.

Cus I’m gonna be sad. Especially at first. I’m gonna want someone to talk to. So I’m not just sitting there, crying into my hard boiled eggs. And Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi.

Wow, out of time. Talk later.

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