Worry Worry Worry Worry 👌

This is a big and sudden change for me. It’s good I’m on vacation right beforehand, might make the transition feel cleaner.

It’s going to be weird. Especially before school gets out. What will I do all day? Sleep? No.

I wonder if Evan is affected by the plunging sales. I hope not.

I’m going to have to learn all new names. Pronounce all new names.

I ate my eggs and I’m still totally hungry. I think it might be because I’m freaking out.

I’m going to have to say goodnight to the kids by phone.

I do have almonds in my backpack. But I totally left my backpack in the WH.

It will be okay.

It will be okay.

It will be okay.

2 thoughts on “Worry Worry Worry Worry 👌”

  1. It WILL be OK. We can make this work. it’s only a couple months before summer. It could be worse, and it could be more intrusive into your time. It’s not ideal, but it’s doable. Love you.

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