Let’s see who gets the above reference. I know Derek will. Think 1990s.

Sorry, Leah, but our Evan is in another castle.

Let’s see who gets that reference, too. Think 1980s.

I just saw Actual Evan. He is in an amazing shade of blue today, if I’m not mistaken. I missed him by about 7.3333333 seconds.

I suppose I could’ve yelled, “Hey, Quality Assurance Guy!” But we all know I’m never going to do that.

If I did the thing I was thinking of this morning, it would ABSOLUTELY only be able to be a SUMMER THING. It occurred to me that if it went even one day beyond the summer, it WOULD NOT WORK. I would become very depressed. In fact, even just the thought has brought me down.

So it might be a no-go. Because once I made the change, it might be hard to undo.

I have no glasses on to type this, so I keep looking up at people coming in and just seeing big blurs.

Hah. Big Blur. 😉

Comfy Chair Guy just vacated my comfy chair, so I moved right before I realized I had five minutes left of lunch, myself.

Time to go. See you. ❤️

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