Literally Out of Time 👍

Aislyn had another peepee accident, even her backup sheets were still wet from the dryer, I had a metric ton of dishes to do. So here I sit, in my car, in the Hutch parking lot, Kings of Leon on the stereo singin’ about vampires (I think), and I’m trying to squeeze out a mini-post.

It’s not going well. Too much pressure. I got up on time and everything.

You know what they say about the best laid plans.

GWERPH quit. No notice, no nuthin. Just walked out, I guess. Ask me if I’m surprised.

“He didn’t do things the way he was supposed to,” I said to…oh, shoot, I don’t remember what I named my older gentleman on second shift. He talks to me now.

“Yeah, and you couldn’t tell him anything, either.”

I’ve got to go. Have a tasty Tuesday. Sorry if I reused that one. Love youz guys 😊♥️

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