Late or Out 👍

Desmond was sick all weekend, and Derek can’t stay home with him today if we have to keep him out of school. So I called in at least late. And I slept in.

Desmond’s not up yet, but I don’t want to wake him. He doesn’t want to miss school today. They’re going to the state house. So I hope his stomach is better.

I said a prayer for him. I hope it worked. He was devastated when we said he might have to stay home. He’s been excited about the state house since third grade.

I haven’t been upstairs, yet, so no meds. I have a headache in one eye. I should at least take some ibuprofen.

I feel like a slug, lately, lacking energy. I know it’s what I’m eating. The wrong stuff, and too much of it.

I’ve got to get Desmond up and take a shower. Have a magnificent Monday, friends, a safe commute, and thanks for reading. 💜😊

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