Forgot My Second Dose 👍

Now it’s too late in the day to take it. So I’ve been kind of asleep all afternoon.

At this point, I was thinking of going to the store just to wake myself up, honestly.

I already cleaned the kitchen.

Of course there’s still the laundry to fold. And the living room to clean.

I also told Aislyn we could play a game. But just the thought of sitting in a straight backed chair at a table right now is making me even more tired.

I don’t think I’m lazy.

I think I don’t sleep well.

I think I’m probably overmedicated.

I think I ate too much dairy.

I think it’s already almost my bedtime.

Poor Desmond has been sick to his stomach all weekend. He visits the state house tomorrow.

I shan’t go to the store. Too tired.

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