Interesting Turn of Events 👍

I had a pickup off a roll-off table. There was no wood board under the skid, so when I tried to transfer the skid, it got caught on the tugger’s rollers.

So here I am, fighting with literally a ton of material, and I hear a voice.

“Get some help with that. It’s not worth you getting hurt.”

I turn to look. It’s Mavis.

“Who else is working in the warehouse today?”

“Daniel,” I said.

“I’ll go find him for you. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

She found Young Matt, the guy who likes Mia, and all he really did was have me move the cart closer and adjust the height of the table. Which I could’ve done myself. Embarrassing. By the time I thought of doing that, he’d arrived. Anyway, it did the trick.

I know she is the supervisor on duty and it’s her job to help keep people safe, but I still feel like it was kind of her. So I don’t really dislike her anymore.

Yup, just like that. I’m a reasonably forgiving person. Most of the time. There are two people in the entire universe I can’t forgive. One of them is my uncle for all of the emotional abuse when I was a kid, and the other is the woman who has run my ex-workplace since she set foot in that hole.

Oh, sure, she has the official title, now, but we all know the truth. She was always the one in charge.

I think, though, I might eventually be able to forgive her, because I care less and less about what she did to me, the farther away from it I get.

My uncle? Not so much.

Okay, I have to go. Talk later. 😊🙂😘

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