Home Again 👍

Daniel had to leave. So for a while it was just Finn and me. I covered the whole floor until David came in.

It wasn’t that bad. Luckily I didn’t need anything down until David got there.

I stayed until 2:30 to get Honda cleaned up. I like David. He’s a good guy. He’s always been nice to me. I didn’t want to leave him with a mess.

Even after Daniel left and there was no one else but me to cover the NWH, Finn still muttered that there were no backup RU skids.

I just said, “Oh,” and walked away.

What, even, are backup RU skids, Finn? Are you serious?!! I don’t even know what they are; that’s not on me, that there aren’t any. Gimme a break!

Whatever, I’m just so relieved the week is over.

The thing I drive

So glad to be back with Daniel and James I can’t even begin to say. May I never complain about Honda or Bea’s antics again.

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