Grumpy Old Men 👍

Last day. Thank God.

The sad thing is, I used to like Finn, before I had to work with him. I don’t really like him anymore.

I’m sure he’s heartbroken. Too bad we can’t all be Nina.

I guess we all have our favorites, though, don’t we.

Still trying to wake up. I feel my antiperspirant meds working as my throat dries, but I don’t feel the Adderall making me more alert, yet.

Both meds last about six hours. Then I have to refuel. Right around 9:30-9:45 a.m., it’s funny, my skin begins to moisten and I start yawning and feeling drowsy. I have an alarm set for 10:00, but my body tells me ahead of time.

I’m down slightly from last week. -1.8.

Maybe I should just try not pushing myself so hard to succeed and beating myself up for not doing what I wanted. Because it literally happens every single day, and it only makes me feel like garbage.

Maybe for right now, maintaining is enough. Maybe I need to accept that I’m just going to be struggling for a while with this. And it’s okay.

I’ve been trying to say to myself “I’m doing the best I can.” It seems like a small thing, but it helps.

I really do think I’m going through the change, too. I’m sure that’s a contributor to my stress levels, emotions, hunger, etc.

*Sigh* Let’s do this.

Enjoy your Saturday. 😊❤️

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