Seeing as I Just Sat Down 👎

And seeing as my alarm to start my car just went off, I think it’s going to be a 6:00 workday today. But I will probably still leave at 2:00.

Why? Because I work tomorrow.

Why? Because I’ve been in the SWH all week.

Why? Because no one’s going to say anything if I do.

My Topomax isn’t working anymore. It’s odd. It was. Then, just as soon as I opened my mouth to say it was working, it stopped.

My troubled brain must have outsmarted it.

It’s now occurring to me that I don’t have to wait the entire month for my next appointment to tell Dr. Naimark. I can message him.

I’m tired. Meds still doing their thing, I guess. I have this feeling that medications take longer to work on me. Something I heard years ago about redheads metabolizing medicine faster than other people, making it less effective for them, somehow. Maybe because it travels in and out of my body faster before it has a chance to work?

I’ve also heard that redheads faint more. I’ve never fainted. But that red headed girls are picked on more is certainly true in my estimation.

What is wrong with me today? I could go to sleep in this chair, and it’s 5:15.

Full disclosure: I am itchy in the breastal region. Awesome. That won’t be awkward at all, today.

Well, I’m sorry that this post was about nothing. You can tell just by looking at it that the Adderall is taking its time in my system.

In any case, I’ve gotta go get my cream on. I don’t mean that to sound dirty, if it does. I just mean for my itchiness.

Have a freaky Friday, friends. Drive safe. Thanks for reading. ❤️

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