Heaven on Wheels 👍

I asked Eddie if Nina could do the SWH tomorrow. He said sure, if she was here. Daniel says she won’t be, though. So one more day.

I’m eating in the shipping office since I got no reception in the cafeteria. I had a Cape Cod style chicken salad sandwich. It was delightful.

It hasn’t been a bad day, really. I’m glad at least Eddie was willing to swap Nina and me, even if it’s not going to work out.

I did also tell him about the mixed up boxes, and how normally I love coming to work, but this week, I’ve dreaded it everyday. He said he’s known Finn a long time, and has tried over the years to get him working more amicably with others.

I said I think he may have a pattern specifically with certain women, as he wasn’t nice to Marla, either. He was actually very unkind to her, if you believed what she said, which I do.

Anyway, I’ll be back supporting Daniel and James on Monday, moving Honda, which, compared to dealing with Finn, will be like heaven on wheels.

I’ve been about an inch nicer and more helpful to people at work, lately. Not just because it’s my job.

I don’t really know why, actually.

Just little everyday courtesies, like…I don’t know, I was going to say holding doors. But I always hold doors. But now I’m going out of my way, kind of. To be nicer than usual.

I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe I’m reaching out more.

Maybe I’m trying to be better, little by little.

I have to go now. Talk later. 😊❤️

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