So Far đź‘Ť

It seems to be a better day. Finn’s been nicer, for some reason. Maybe he felt bad, doesn’t want to burn his bridges with me.

That’s understandable. I’d want to stay on my good side, too. It has more freckles.

For those of you who like freckles.

Sometimes people who don’t have them like them.

I like dimples. Like, a lot. I don’t have dimples. Also, dark hair, dark eyes, glasses.

I like curly or wavy hair, too. Desmond’s hair, when it grows out, curls. I love it long. I think he looks so cool with long, curly hair.

He’ll probably be embarrassed now, that I said so. Sorry, Desmond.

My children are to-die-for beautiful, though, with their deep blue eyes and blond hair, and their light-up-the-room smiles.

And, no, I’ll never get tired of bragging about them in every way.

Even if they weren’t as beautiful or smart as they are, though, I’d love them just the same.

My babies.

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