I Will Try 👍

“Have a good day,” says Derek.

“I will try,” I say.

Is that a bad attitude? Am I already predicting turbulence? Maybe it will be fine.

Well then I’ll be pleasantly surprised, won’t I. That’s just me being dark. Sorry, friends.

Expect disappointment, but hope for better used to be my philosophy. Isn’t that sad? But I’ve kind of reformed since those days.

I used to think if you expected the worst, you didn’t get hurt. But I was wrong. When you expect the worst, you always hurt. It’s a very painful way to go through life, and I wouldn’t do it that way again.

I’m not one of those over-the-top, brimming-with-positivity, free-spirited enlightened peeps you see in man buns or peasant skirts driving around with bumper stickers all over their Nissan Leafs.

I’m not a born-again Christian, either.

I’m just a little bit smarter than I used to be. Through trial and error.

This was going to be a no-Desmond post, but I fixed it so that it could be a yes-Desmond post. Because,

1) I didn’t want to put a thumbs down next to the words “I will try,”

2) I wanted to show him that people can be wrong and make mistakes,

3) I wanted to show him that people can learn from their mistakes and improve not only in spite of them, but because of them.

So I guess for today, I will go in assuming it will be a good day. There’s no reason not to. Finn is going to be Finn. It’s all in how I process it. Am I going to ruminate, or let it roll off my back?

It’s up to me.

There are bigger and better things to occupy my time. I know that much.

Have a (sorry, Desmond) whoopass Wednesday, friends! Drive safely. Thanks for tuning in. 👍❤️

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