Counting Down 👍

Counting down the hours, counting down the days.

I’m trying, friends. That’s a lie, I’m not trying at all. I’m stewing like…well, a stew.

I told Eddie I’m ready for the forklift. He is very excited. He said we’ll start this week. I can’t imagine when, though. I’ve been busy every second today, as evidenced by my late arrival to break.

The reasons I want to learn the forklift are because I want to be completely self-sufficient when I come here. If I need orange boxes, I want to be able to get them down myself. Not depend on someone else to do it for me. There was no one here but me this morning. And one measly stack of orange boxes.

And because it will make me more valuable. Also, it will convey that I’m willing to try new things.

I must go. Hope to see you soon.

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