Best I Can 👍

I’m okay. It was just a very busy day, yesterday.

Lori reminded me I probably shouldn’t be talking about my troubles with weight in front of the kids, and she is right. Derek says the same thing. In the past I’ve tried to shelter them from it as much as I could, but lately I’ve been stressed, it’s come out more, and with Desmond reading my posts…

She said saying that everyday I fail is not the message I want to be conveying to the kids, and of course, she’s spot on, as Desmond is such a black and white, all-or-nothing thinker. If things don’t go exactly as planned, then the whole experiment is a loss, regardless of what he learns from it, what the end result is.

Case in point: the water tunnel he built in the sink several months ago. I’m pretty sure I wrote a post about it. All it needed were some minor adjustments and the thing actually worked! I was so impressed.

But poor Desmond was devastated because it didn’t work the way he wanted it to, so he considered the whole endeavor a failure.

I tried to explain the growth mindset to him, but either I didn’t do a very good job or he wasn’t receptive. Maybe both. Then I got him a children’s book about mindset, but he hasn’t read it. He might be too young.

I hope he eventually gets interested in mindset on his own, though, because it will open so many doors for him. And eliminate so much pain.

Lori and I talked about neuroplasticity. I said I was open to it, I just didn’t know what to say to myself instead of all the things I’ve always said.

She suggested instead of “I’m failing,” to say, “I’m doing the best I can.”

So that’s what I’m going to say from now on.

Have a tranquil Tuesday if you can. Drive safely. Thanks for reading. ❤️💜♥️

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