Tanning Time? 👍

This week is supposed to be warm, which means maybe skirts, which means I might give my legs a spray tan.

I’m not totally confident in skirts right now, but I wear them as much for comfort as anything else. They are stretchy athletic tennis skirts, and they keep me cooler.

I also have shorts.

It’s supposed to be 85 on Friday. For real.

Why do I feel like laying back down and going to sleep?

The Topomax isn’t working as well as it was, by the way. I am starting to have nightmares again that are making me yell in my sleep.

They’re not as horrific as they used to be, though. In the last one, someone had thrown my laptop into a swimming pool. That was it. At least, that’s all I can remember.

I suppose it could’ve been a lot worse. Someone could’ve deleted my analytics.

Nah, but…yeah.

My plans so far for today are to take a very long shower to shave my legs and get a spray tan. After that, I’m not completely sure. I know the living and dining room need help.

But I’m increasingly frustrated investing so much time trying to improve the rooms of this house only to have them demolished literally the next day. Why even bother?

Okay, I didn’t mean to take this in a negative direction. Moving forward, let’s just assume cleaning some room or rooms in the house will always be an item on my agenda.

Pretty soon I’ll have to get Desmond out of bed for his shower, and he’s not going to be happy with me.

I hope he understands that I do what I do because I love him so very much and want to protect him from what I know about the world that he doesn’t, yet.

Anyway, friends, have a maximum Monday. Drive safely. Thanks for reading. 💜

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